Draft Mares
**Note: The pictures on this page are for reference
ONLY. These mares are NOT for sale, unless specified.**
MRB Buddys Morning Glory
aka: Glory
2007 Premium Spotted Draft mare
Glory is a beautiful strawberry roan tobiano Spotted Draft mare who stands
15.3 hands tall. She is broke to ride and drive and was an excellent trail
horse for her previous owner. Very gentle and easy to handle.
MCD Joshua's Hannah
aka: Hannah
2011 American Cream Draft mare
Hannah is a lovely gold champagne mare. At three years of age, she
already stands 16.2 hands tall and weighs about 1,500 lbs. Hannah
should mature at or around 17 hands. Very sweet and hammy, Hannah
is always right in your pocket!
Jokers Golden Angel
aka: Angel
2012 American Cream Draft
ACDHA registered
Angel is a gorgeous ivory champagne with a blaze face! She is
HOMOZYGOUS for the champagne gene, which means she will produce
100% champagne foals! This makes her even more rare among her
already endangered breed. For more information on American Cream
Drafts, please visit the
ACDHA website.

At three years of age, Angel stands 15.3 hands tall and weighs 1,400 lbs.

To see baby pics of Angel, go
B&B Holly's Abbie
aka: Willow
2009 American Cream Draft
ACDHA registered
Willow is a beautiful ivory champagne American Cream Draft mare.
She stands 16.2 hands tall and weighs approximately 1,550 lbs. Willow
is a carrier of both the champagne and cream genes. She is a very
gentle and affectionate mare.
Joker's Isabeau
aka: Izzy
2013 American Cream Draft
ACDHA registered
Izzy is a gorgeous gold champagne American Cream Draft mare with a
lovely blaze face. While otherwise perfect in every way, she was born
blind. We consulted with Dr. Brooks, who is the top equine
opthalmologist in the US. He told us Izzy's condition is not hereditary
and was most likely caused by an intra-uterine infection in her dam or
her dam was exposed to a toxin during her pregnancy.

Tragically, Izzy lost her beautiful dam at the tender age of 2 months.
Since then, Izzy has been trained to follow her full sister, Angel (see
above), who wears a bell so that Izzy can locate the herd. Izzy leads a
normal life and is not confined to a small stall or paddock. She is highly
intelligent and knows the limits of her pasture; she can even locate her
stall without a hitch!

Izzy currently stands 15.1 hands.

See baby pics of Izzy
Sheza Jailhouse Madame
aka: Bemy
2004 Half-Belgian, Half-Percheron
Canadian Spotted Draft Horse
Bemy is a beautiful bay mare who is half Belgian and half Percheron. She
stands 17 hands high and weighs close to 2000 pounds, but don't let that
intimidate you! This lady is the definition of "gentle giant", very sweet and
easy to handle.

Bemy was born in Canada, and has worked at the Arkansas Department of
Corrections for several years before becoming a broodmare. She has
phenomenal leg bone and hip and we are excited to cross her with our stallions!